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We did not choose the name Cavalier by accident. The real meaning of the word cavalier is a knight. Because in you, we see the real knights of the day. The people standing away from the crowd and inspiring their surroundings. The right people in the right places. The knights whose armor we take care of. So that in the morning when you stand in front of your wardrobe, you are choosing the right armor to get your through all the battles of the day. Because the one who feels better has the attitude of a winner.

When we established Cavalier, we decided we wanted to accompany you on your way to success. That does not only mean to have pockets full of money and drive expensive cars. It’s also about inner wealth. Therefore we have created a space that helps both individuals and businesses thrive.

We have been looking for ways to be even more helpful. And at that time the year of 2020 had to come, that has been to us as transformational as to everybody else. The essence is no longer to „just sell suits“, but to empower people’s position in the market - now with more tools than just fashion. And now, even though we started as a tailoring business, we have found the hidden potential, that our brand has. That it’s not about the clothing we make, it’s about the clients. They are the living essence of our brand. We are only here to accompany them on their way to success.

  •  2015First Client
  • Opening of our Cavalier STORE in Prague2016Opening of our Cavalier STORE in Prague
  •  20171 000 clients
  • Opening of our fourth Cavalier STORE in the Czech republic2017Opening of our fourth Cavalier STORE in the Czech republic
  •  20185 000 clients
  • Establishment of the Cavalier club2020Establishment of the Cavalier club

Just how the fashion and business worlds brought the two of us together, in the same way we are trying to connect the world of fashion and business. We want to make people think, that who wants to be successful should consider how fashion influences their daily business.

Marie Vašková
Marie Vašková
Petr Soler
Petr Soler

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